IMG_5872 My name is Anna Catherine. My birth certificate reads Anna-Catherine. I grew up with everyone calling me Anna and then when I got to college I changed it to AnnaCatherine (one word). Now I sort of go back and forth between the three, but it’s two words. You can call me Anna if I don’t like you.

I have two small children, boys. I never anticipated being the mother to two boys. There is not a single aspect of motherhood that I anticipated. Before getting pregnant I never considered motherhood as my reality and now, after having walked away from my pre-baby career and choosing to stay home with my kids, I run Brooklyn Fit4Mom, a fitness business built for moms to help give them the strength they need for motherhood. I grew up in Queens and currently live in Brooklyn, one subway stop from the epicenter of modern liberal urban parenting. I am surrounded by motherhood.

I am continuing this blog with the hope to share some of what I’m learning about this crazy road of motherhood from the host of amazing women I am fortunate to be surrounded by.