The night Luke Skywalker touched my teeth

The night Luke Skywalker touched my teeth

Last night we got to walk down the purple carpet at the opening night of Aladdin, the musical in London. Very swish affair and loads of dressed up people.


Aladdin is a fantastic show. If you like Disney and flashy musicals, then you need to see this one. Seriously. The special effects alone make the show well worth it. I won’t be surprised when it’s a live action movie musical at some point in the near future.

They handed out free Prosecco to everyone during the intermission, so the audience was extra bubbly and excited for the much improved and shortened second act. Jeremy came over giggling and said I just brushed my elbow against Luke Skywalker and I said what? Where? And turned around and there he was, talking to the actor who plays Finn in the new movie. And I squealed and grabbed my phone and took a weird stalker picture of him.


Unsatisfied, I told Jeremy, take my phone, I’m going in. And he looked at me and said, no you’re not and I said, our kids will never forgive us if I don’t do this thing now.

I live in a high stakes world baby.

And so I walked over to Luke Skywalker just as he finishing up a conversation with John Boyega (Finn!)  and I apologized for bothering him, but me and my kids are multi generation superfans and I had to say hello and if you wouldn’t mind Mr. Hamill, a photo?

And he was SUPER gracious and seemed genuinely happy to talk to me and asked where are the kids and I said home in bed and he said where’s the camera and I said over there and we turned and I smiled really big and he put his hand up and I think he was trying to touch my face but instead he put his hand on my teeth. But not like, oh sorry, he just left his hand there on my teeth and I think I yelled Luke Skywalker is touching my teeth but it was so loud around us and I really don’t think he heard me. But he did thankfully change his pose and wanted to make sure Jeremy got the photo and I thanked him again and that was it. I bounced up and down in my seat for the entire second act.

IMG_5636 (1)

Bonus John Boyega in the background

I do like seeing celebrities, but I’m not much one for bothering them. I also really don’t like talking to strangers. We sat at a table with Alan Cumming once and I got him to take an ussie with me but we had history, once from very very far away we totally worked on the same show. And I kinda cried after meeting Parker Posey at a friends party, that might have been the prosecco…but overall, okay, you’re famous, that’s cool.

But last night, that was just…like…you’re Mark Hamill. You are Luke Skywalker. There is no other Luke Skywalker. You’re him. And I’ve been watching Star Wars for over 30 years and your movies are legend, and my kids have given me insight to those stories that I never considered, basic questions about good and evil and family and power. Introducing my children to those movies and your hero was one of the most enjoyable parenting experiences ever. And yeah, I’m totally going to get over my stranger danger fear and you are going to be awesome.

And I did and he was.

Later at the after party I talked to his wife and daughter who were friends with this lady I was talking to and Mrs. Skywalker (I don’t remember her name) said that Mark doesn’t do parties, ever, and they were leaving early because the daughter had to be up early to be on set with her dad because she’s his manager, the set, like, Star Wars, which was just about the coolest thing I’ve heard in ages.

And then I fell in love with Luke Skywalker a little bit more because what kind of amazing parent must he be that his kid actually wants to spend all her time with him and get paid to do it. I guess, if your dad is Luke Skywalker that sounds like fun.But I watched Entourage. All of it.  I know what managers do. I love my dad but you couldn’t pay me enough money to do that job. If you know my dad, you’ll think that’s funny.

It made me happy to know that Mark Hamill must be an awesome dad. He’s obviously a chill client.


Luke n Finn catching up. Little did I know what was about to happen.

check out my shoes!!

check out my shoes!!

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  1. Rachel from Fit4Mom Pearl Harbor
    Friday 17 June 2016, 6:35 am | Reply

    So crazy fun! I admit to being jealous. I’m glad to hear he was so relaxed that he totally didn’t mind playing dentist with you. 😂

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