Oh goodie is Daylight Savings Time ending – said no parent ever

So you’ve  had kids and maybe finally sort of gotten accustomed to the other worldly hour your child likes to wake up in the morning. Unless you’re one of those lucky parents who has a kid who LOVES to sleep – in which case, if you don’t already know this – do NOT brag about this fact to your other parental friends. They will only resent/hate you and take special happiness in whatever other unfortunate dilemma your child does present. If you have a good sleeper, when your friend with the bad sleeper starts complaining about waking up at 5am every day for two weeks and how they’re barely holding it together, your job is to nod and make some comforting comments and then share some story like how you can’t leave the house without darling little Petunia spitting up Exorcist style all over herself, you, the dog, the couch and having to change her clothes 3x before 10am. Trust me, it will make the both of you feel better.

Back to the point. Sunday marks the end of Daylight Savings Time. I happen to have an early riser in my household. His preferable wake up hour is 6, but sometimes he misses the mark and comes in before 6…which Jeremy and I consider un.accept.able. Not that there’s much we can do about it. Send him back to his room and then he wakes up his brother. He will not play by himself in the morning. He would play with the iPad if we allowed that…but we don’t. Yet. I know this early morning thing is an issue we need to work on. I know.

A lot of women in my business love to claim the golden hour as their time. The time when they can get their workout in, or work on their business, or just have some time to have a cup of coffee, prep lunch, whatever. If I ever even THOUGHT about getting up at 5:30/6 and doing ANYthing other than tiptoe out of the house to go teach a class, I would basically be giving everyone the green light to go ahead and WAKE UP, let’s go, let’s get the day started. Granted we live in an apartment and if we had a second floor, it might be different. MAYBE. But the point is, after 4+ years of early morning wake ups, I’m fairly accustomed to waking up around 6. It’s fine. 6 is totally acceptable. I can easily do 5:30 if I have to teach a class. And while I wish it was 7, but that’s not my life right now. waking-up

But then there’s this M-Fing daylight savings time to mess with EVERYTHING. I’m mentally prepping to having to wake up at 5…or worse on Sunday. And then somehow slogging through the day til the basket cases pass out -assuming they can make it til 7pm.

I recently received some decent advice that suggested starting to put them to bed/nap 15 minutes later starting a few days prior to the end of DST so by the time it hits, they might be back on schedule. So we’ll be trying that. I was thinking of maybe trying to rally an end of DST party on Saturday night – keep them up extra late so they pass out and maybe just wake up late of their own volition. Or I don’t know…

If you’re reading this and you have any experience, tips or tricks, let me know. Okay?


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  1. You get a thumbs up for the title alone. Well done.

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